why hawk

Whether you're on the street or the track, protecting the lead, or your family, you have to know that your brakes will do their job in any circumstance. Hawk Performance® has been providing performance you can trust since 1993 by leveraging technology that is used in military and airline applications.

Hawk Performance brake pads are designed, engineered and produced in the United States. We stand by our products and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We know that our products are the best, but don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our customers.



Hawk Performance gives me the piece of mind either on or off the track. I love Hawk pads! -Ryan C., Michigan, 995 BMW M3 & 2006 Honda s2000 AP2

I just installed a set of your Super Duty Truck pads on my 2004 Tundra, and WOW what a difference! I had went with the OEM replacement - it was truly scary even after a couple of weeks of use. I decided to try a better set of pads and now my truck stops with authority! -Jeff Z., Oregon

It's amazing how well they work and how long they last. Other brake pads I've used last one or two track days. I inspected the HT-10s after one track day and they literally still looked brand new. -Kevin K., Arizona, BMW 3 Series track car

I have just had your HP+ brake pads installed on my 2001 Mazda Miata. Not only do I use my car for day to day driving but I also race in autocross. I have found that over the past couple of races the braking distance is amazing compared to my old aftermarket pads. It gives me confidence to go into corners faster knowing that I will be able to brake later. I would recommend these pads to anyone who does autocross. -Carol T., Canada

Having heard nothing but good things about your brakes, I decided to pick some up. They are everything I could have hoped for and more. They look good and perform even better. I have run several other brands in the past but your product is superior in every way. I will surely only use your brakes in the future. -Matt W., Texas, 1969 Camaro

I recently purchased and installed a full set of Hawk HPS pads for my R53 MINI Cooper, preparing for a cross-country trek. I love the feel of the new brakes and I LOVE the responsiveness of their customer service. Thanks Hawk Performance! -Ken M., Alabama