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In a world where cars are getting bigger and faster, Hawk Performance® brake pads are specially engineered to improve upon your OE braking capabilities. Whether you're looking for more safety, more stopping power, or want a cleaner, less noisy brake pad, Hawk Performance has your street needs covered. Hawk has brake pads for more than 30,000 vehicles.


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Check out the pad material's friction level against the brake rotor surface as brake system temperature increases. The higher the Mu level, the more stopping power will be achieved for a given amount of brake pedal pressure.

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Street products

HPS 5.0
The premium replacement brake pad for American muscle cars, European touring sedans and tuners.
Performance Ceramic
Clean, quiet and quick stopping power with uncompromising performance.
A better way to stop your light and full-size trucks, vans and SUVs.
Super Duty
High fade resistance, with superior high temperature, high inertia capabilities.
The classic stopping power of Hawk Performance.
HP520 Brake Fluid
Higher dry boiling point leads to maximum stopping power on the street.