A New DTC Racing compound to get You into the Winner’s Circle | Hawk Performance

A New DTC Racing compound to get You into the Winner’s Circle

Hawk Performance continues to provide customers with the latest in technological advancements learned at the highest levels of racing, the result is a new motorsports/racing compound for a wide variety of applications.

Taking from one of our best performing compounds, Hawk Performance is excited to introduce our fifth installment to the DTC line of racing compounds. The Hawk DTC 50 is what our racers have been asking for and we listened; a pad that could be used as a split compound for tuning, and an endurance compound that could be used at the highest levels of racing. DTC 50 also bridges the temperature and Mu range from our current DTC 30 to DTC 60 race pad offering. This new DTC 50 compound was developed through extensive testing to provide racers with a pad that now completes the line of Dynamic Torque Control/DTC from Hawk Performance. Through this testing many changes and tweaks were made in order to meet the companies goals and to fulfill the desires and demands of racers, the end result is a pad compound that has many race track applications as it provides exceptional characteristics and a pad that provides consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures up to 1400 degrees while providing very high torque and aggressive initial bite.

All or our race teams agree that the DTC 50 has tremendous stopping power with an industry leading initial bite. It also has a very predictable Mu gain throughout the torque curve, providing the purest of drivers the most desirable pedal feel on the track. The Hawk DTC 50 is a race pad in its purest form, stopping the most aggressive and performance driven teams on the track today.

  • Very High Torque with Aggressive Initial Bite
  • Excellent Modulation and Release Characteristics
  • Wide Temperature Operating Range between 300° and 1400°
  • High Temperature Fade Resistance
  • Brake Pads Designed for Cars with Extremely High Deceleration Rate Needs
  • Ideal for Professional Sports Car Racing, Club Racing, Vintage Muscle Cars, High Horsepower Off Road and Stadium/Short Course Vehicles

DTC-50 Compound FAQ

  1. Do you have the material code? V as in HB555V.xxx
  2. What will be the letter designation in the part number for the new material? V
  3. What is the torque value? High
  4. What is the operating temperature of the material? 300°-1400° F
  5. Does the DTC-50 compound produce dust? Yes. All of our motorsports compounds emit dust.
  6. Do you have a Mu vs temp graph or an average Mu of the material? Not yet, running tests in next week.
  7. What are the intended uses for the DTC-50 compound? Our new DTC-50 is for racers who require a high-temperature brake pad compound with very high torque with aggressive initial bite. DTC-50 is designed for race cars (and trophy trucks) with extremely high deceleration rates and down force.
  8. What are the release characteristics of the new DTC-50 compound? DTC-50 offers quick release characteristics and excellent modulation.
  9. What is the wear expectancy compared to other Hawk Performance pads? Our DTC-50 offers very good pad wear. Pad wear is generally dictated by how aggressive the driver is on the brakes.
  10. Does this compound material come with the limited lifetime warranty as all other pads? Yes. Hawk Performance brake pads offer a Limited Life-Time Warranty.